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"Saw a lecture by Dr. Nagelberg... Amazing!! Thank you for helping me see dentistry as a doctor, and no longer as a mechanic!"

— Doug Clark
"I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar Dr. Nagelburg and Kim Miller taught on Friday, 3/18/11. Their research and knowledge certainly gave me more to consider and implement as I work with student dental hygienists preparing to join the professional oral health team!"

— Patricia Leugers, RDH

"PerioFrogz is an awsome site, thank you for all of your insights and hard work."

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"I attended your talk in Nashville, TN and took away several great points to share with my patients. Thanks for your time, it was very informative. I love the printable articles."

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"This is great for getting to the abstracts. So much of the journals the dentists get are advertising generated and are the same things over and over. While I believe that cosmetic dentistry has it's place, the only true health care reform this country needs is to 'MAKE PREVENTION PROFITABLE'"

— Jonathan Engel, DDS

"Thanks and Kind regards from Macedonia!"

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"Great visit with us in Buffalo, I learned alot!!! After almost 30 yrs I have been re-energized with all the new data about perio. Love my job, but its better!"

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"Thanks for the updates. As a periodontist, I love to read the new literature on systemic disease issues but it is very time consuming. Your articles give me a great start in researching the various topics. Thanks again"

— Dr. Filippelli

"I'm a dentist associated with a dental college, doing my Masters in Philosophy and Research, here in Karachi, Pakistan. I appreciate your website, it is reall fast and helpful, especially the research summaries! Thanks"

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